Modern science, atheist or theist?


By Farid Gabteni


Can one believe without being credulous? This is a recurring question in the West, where faith is commonly opposed to reason. Yet a watchful eye will point out that this divorce between belief and intelligence is specific to Western culture. It has not reached such proportions in any other civilisation. In no other culture has religion ever been as synonymous with obscurantism, that is, the negation of man’s ability to consider and judge by himself.
The foundations of this notion were laid in the eighteenth century, an era known as the “Age of Enlightenment.” At the time, intellectuals and philosophers were inspiring a great wave of emancipation from the church authorities, resulting in a delegitimation of the influence of religion on the intellectual sphere; in short, a true revolution, the likes of which had never been seen before in the history of humanity, and the cultural consequences of which can still be seen three centuries later.
Very little critical analysis has been conducted on this period, as this revolution has always been presented as man’s victory over the irrational. Although the context of this emancipation was that of a West sick with its Judeo-Christianity, without any reference, at that time, to the other religions or cultures in the world, this opposition between faith and reason was widespread in all of the beliefs of humanity. It was the very phenomenon of faith that was questioned, as if the slightest religious thought were nothing but the expression of man’s weakness, his fear of the unknown.
The question to consider is whether this “revolutionary” thought was not too radical, or even extremist, in terms of its conclusions, to the extent that it put up barriers against all forms of religious or simply metaphysical thought. This is indeed a fundamental question, since it relates to the meaning of existence, of life.
Atheistic materialism is an obscurantism disguised as a progressivism. Underhand and devastating, it conveys a truncated science and a decreased consciousness. By reducing, disparaging and denying all spiritual purpose of the human and the creation, by dehumanizing the individual and society through simplistic-looking theories, it denudes humanity of its substance and its reason for being.
As for religion, it can be compared to a drug: essential to right a wrong, but possibly with undesirable side effects if misunderstood, and/or following failure to comply with the therapeutic prescription. Spirituality is to religion what a cure is to healing: there can be no religion without true spirituality, as there can be no healing without an effective cure.
Faith is not synonymous with ignorantism; atheism is not synonymous with scientism; fanaticism, for its part, is synonymous with totalitarianism.
* * *
At the dawn of the new millennium, the whole world has to face with numerous ecological, social, political, economic and ethical crises… everyone agrees with that. Yet science and technology are developing at a vertiginous speed. The paradox between science and technological knowledge, on the one hand, and the system running out of steam, which generates them, on the other, becomes increasingly apparent.
The question “Where are we going?” is coming back in force and puts into perspective the frantic transformations taking place in a society becoming more globalised every day, composed of disoriented individuals. Evolution is no longer under control, as it is now only being driven by technological discoveries, without real consideration of the socio-economic, societal, psychological… in one word, human factors.
At the same time and for other reasons, the question of God is once again a topical issue. Indeed, the scientific world is, more than ever, faced with the extraordinary organisation of the universe, life, man, etc. We now know, scientifically, that the universe, since the very beginning, has always had the specific properties necessary in order for us to exist and to understand it.
The question of a Creative Principle, of an intelligent and lucid Prime Cause, has now become a scientific issue. But, considering it reflexively has profound consequences. This leads us once again towards a real cultural revolution, questioning postulates that are more than two centuries old.
* * *
I am going to summarise several scientific theories and their philosophical implications, as well as certain facts that are now scientifically proven, and the logical consequences thereof on our understanding of the world. That is to say, I am going to demonstrate that our entire Universe is Muslim: surrendered and pacified to God, and that it testifies that it was created and arranged by God The Unique, with no associate. Everyone shall be able to verify the authenticity of each fact that I set forth. I will develop my argument by citing several works and discoveries of renowned scientists. Theist scholars are constantly reminding the entire world that these scientific discoveries all serve as proof of the existence of a Creative and Organizing Principle who we, believers, call “God.” I, in turn, will attempt to convey this message.
Say: ‘Did you see if it [the Qurân] was From God! Then you denigrated it? Who is more-misguided than one who is in a distant division?’ 52 We will Show them Our Signs in the horizons and in their ownselves, until it is made explicit to them that it is certainly the true; but is it not sufficient for you concerning Your Master that He Is surely a Witness over all things? 53 Certainly, are they not hesitating about the Meeting with Their Master? Certainly, Is He not, of all things, All-Encompassing? 54[1]
For centuries, Europe lived under the yoke of the one-track thinking and the Inquisition, which was only definitively abolished in Spain in 1834. Formulating a new idea or expressing a contrary opinion to the ruling religion exposed the perpetrators to persecutions of the worst kind, and very often to death. After seven centuries of Muslim presence in Spain and four in Sicily, there are no remaining Muslim populations in those places, to the extent that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, only Christian populations and a surviving Jewish minority remained in Europe. Even then, a large proportion of this minority was almost exterminated during the Second World War. This degree of repression of difference and freedom of thought and belief has never been reached in any other civilisation anywhere else on earth. In China, India, the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere, several ethnic and religious communities continue to coexist in the same country. In the eighteenth century, in addition to freeing themselves from the economic and political grasp of the British monarchy, the North Americans sought to cut themselves loose from a secular system that stifled and oppressed freedom.
Modern science and philosophy began in Europe with, among others, Galileo (1564-1642), Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), René Descartes (1596-1650), Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), Isaac Newton (1643-1727), Edmund Halley (1656-1743), David Hume (1711-1776), Emanuel Kant (1724-1804), Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794), Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), Carl Gauss (1777-1855), Charles Darwin (1809-1882), Karl Marx (1818-1883), Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), and so on. In their wake, the European intelligentsia of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries began by calling for socio-political reforms, and then claiming to have the leading “scientific” expertise, in an attempt to destroy an obscurantist and oppressive church system.
These elites, whose concept of God stemmed solely from Christianity or Judaism, thought that if the Bible, which is filled with scientific inaccuracies, were to be demystified and desacralized, then the principle of the existence of God would disappear. Many believed that the Universe, with its celestial mechanics, was no bigger than the Milky Way, that it was eternal and unchanging, that it had always existed and would always exist. With regard to life, it was believed that it could spontaneously emerge from inert matter, under the effect of physical-chemical factors. Therefore, for many, everything that forms the Universe, and comes into being therein, is the product of chance.
The uncertain beginnings of science, coupled with the centuries-long church persecution in Europe, had repercussions that lasted until the twenty-first century. It was based on Darwin’s theory of evolution, Hegel’s dialectics and Marx’s dialectical materialism that atheism took the shape of an ideological system. For over one hundred years, reportedly under the cover of science, atheism has been established as a system used to shape humanity in its image, through the means of education, the media and all the possible methods of communication and information. It is a fact that due to the extent of the atheist brainwashing of the current times, the majority of human beings think that science and faith contradict one another. Consuming, acquiring material possessions, drinking, eating, having a good time and entertainment have becoming the main values of man’s life. Reflection on the creation of the skies and the earth, and “why I am, I live and I die,” all has become secondary, and even unusual for some.
Nowadays, few people are aware that most scientists of our time are believers, including many of those who were once atheists. People deliberately refrain from disclosing this. It must also be said that some of these scientists prefer to remain discreet in the interest of their career. The atheist establishment has indeed replaced that of the church and calls the shots from now on. Woe betide those who contest this – they are ‘excommunicated’, vilified, denigrated and silenced, if possible.
And yet God indeed exists, and the scientific discoveries in all fields only serve to provide further proof of this, every day. Better still, now more than ever, we can affirm that this proof of the existence of God is scientifically irrefutable. In fact, modern science is much more favourable towards theism than atheism. I do mean theism, which consists of accepting the existence of a unique, living and personal God as the transcendent cause of the world. But again, key players deliberately refrain from informing the general public of this, other than providing small snippets of information.
* * *
At the end of the nineteenth century and during the first part of the twentieth, many believed that the Universe was eternal and unchanging. This cosmological model is called the “steady state theory.” Despite all the efforts and determination of theorists to improve and maintain this theory – as it implies that as the Universe has always existed, there is therefore no need for a creator – numerous discoveries, including that of the black body[2] form of the cosmic microwave background[3], have provided evidence of the inaccuracies of this model. Some continue to believe that the Universe is an immense, closed system and constitutes everything that exists from matter and energy. They set forth the argument of the first principle of thermodynamics, the principle of the conservation of energy, according to which matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only rearranged.
However, this argument has no grounds, unless one were to disregard the second principle of thermodynamics, according to which any isolated system will inevitably and irreversibly be disrupted over time. How then is the Universe not in a state of chaos and thermodynamic disorder? The answer is that the Universe must have started in an extremely weak entropic state at a specific time in the past, and since then, thermodynamic regulation has begun. This means that if proven, the first principle of thermodynamics has only applied since the creation of the Universe, within it, and not at its origin.
Have those who denigrated not seen that certainly the skies and the earth were compact? Then We Separated them, and We Formed from water every living thing. Do they not then assure (do not believe)? 30[4]; And the sky, We Built it with hands, and certainly We Are assuredly (its) Expander 47[5]; Then He Aimed Himself to the sky, and it was smoke, so He Said to it and to the earth: ‘Come, willingly or by force’’; they said: ‘We have come, obedient’ 11[6]; It is not for the sun to catch the moon, nor is the night to precede the day, and each, in an orbit, navigates 40[7]
Nowadays, the vast majority of scientists accept that the Universe had a beginning, and that prior to this, neither time, space, matter, energy or anything existed; there was “nothing.” Suddenly, the Universe began, appeared and evolved… Some use the argument of quantum mechanics to say that in the beginning, there was energy, particles… and that everything, including information, was produced from this. Although quantum mechanics tells us that a particle can appear from nothing – this is known as “quantum fluctuations of the vacuum” – these fluctuations are produced from quantum laws; these therefore predate the fluctuations.
The laws of quantum mechanics contain information on the formation of a particle, its transformation into another or its destruction. Energy and particles are not at the origin of the information; in fact the opposite is true. The Universe therefore began with the information, the laws of physics, energy, particles… Others[8] hastily and awkwardly conclude that the Universe appeared thanks to the laws of physics: for example, based on the fact that the law of gravity exists, the Universe could have created itself from nothing.
In addition, if information is indeed the basis of everything[9], that being said, the digit 1 does not produce anything; the law of arithmetic of 1 + 1 = 2 tells me that if, for example, I cause the addition of 1 book + 1 book, I get 2 books, but if I do not complete the action of adding together the 2 books, the law of arithmetic alone cannot cause this to happen. The laws of mathematics that enable natural phenomena to be explained, and therefore predicted, do not create them. In the same way, the law of gravity, which does not even explain gravity, does not create gravity or the matter on which gravity operates. It is therefore even less able to create the Universe.
The laws of physics do not create anything on their own; they demonstrate the relationships between facts once introduced by a cause. A car exists and runs on a road thanks to the laws of physics, but these laws did not create either the car or the road. The laws of physics were created by an intelligent and lucid will, just as the car and the road were. And an intelligent and lucid will is required to design, start and drive a car correctly on a road. It is the same to determine the equations and start and conduct the formation and evolution of the world.
Since the discovery of some twenty fundamental numbers in atomic physics, observations in astronomy and quantum physics show us that the Universe has a complex organisation of dizzying proportions. These numbers, which are cosmological constants, describe the basic parameters as well as the characteristics of our Universe. Man successfully determined the values of each of these fundamental numbers, such as the force of gravity, the force of the electromagnetic field… These values are perfectly balanced, adjusted and exact.
* * *
It is now clearly established that the laws of physics had to be very specific, adjusted and accurate, in order to enable the evolution of the Universe and the emergence of life. It is impossible to attribute to chance the extreme accuracy of the choice of the original conditions required for the existence of the Universe. It is obvious that an intelligent and lucid will presided over the adjustment of these parameters. Therefore, the accuracy required to reach the density of the Universe at the end of the Planck era was 10-60, which is equivalent to the accuracy of an archer whose arrow hits a target measuring 1 cm2, placed at the end of the Universe, approximately fourteen billion light-years away[10].
And the writing (book) was Laid Down, so you see the criminals fearful of what is therein, and they say: ‘O woe betide us! What is this writing (book); it leaves out nothing small or big, except that it has numbered it?’ And they have found what they did present; and Your Master does injustice to no one 49[11]; Certainly it is We Who Bring the dead to life and We Record what they have put forth and what they have left behind; and all things We have Numbered in an explicit forward (imâm) 12[12]; That he may know that they have already conveyed the Messages of Their Master; and He has Surrounded all that which is with them, and He has Numbered all things in number 28[13]; And every thing We have Counted it, a writing (book) 29[14]; Assuredly He has already Numbered them and Enumerated them, with numbering 94[15]
The sun and the moon by calculation 5[16]; the first is almost 150 million kilometres from earth; the second is almost 400,000 kilometres away. 400 times closer from earth and 400 times smaller than the sun, the moon, brilliantly positioned and dimensioned, completely hides the sun from us during a total solar eclipse. These ratios make our eyes believe that the two disks, the sun and the moon, are the same size.
Thinking that successive flukes are at the origin of the existence of the Universe and ourselves, is like believing that it is possible to systematically win the lottery during each draw, every second, twenty-four hours a day, non-stop, for fourteen billion years. For lack of being able to explain these extremely accurate adjustments of the laws of physics through simple chance, some people set forth the string theory, or the idea that there are several, or even an infinite number of Universes, including our own, and each of these has its own laws, which leaves the probability that at least one of these worlds must be correctly adjusted. Well, by chance, “as usual؟”, we are in that Universe.
Although we cannot confirm that these “pluriverses” or “multiverses” do not exist, it is even more difficult for us to confirm the contrary. Indeed, there is not even the slightest scientific proof of their existence, either through theorisation, and even less through observation, which is absolutely impossible. In addition, although this hypothesis broadens the field of probabilities, it in no way challenges the assessment of a Creative and Organizing Principle whose existence is proven every day by the accumulation of scientific observations in all fields, from the macroscopic to the microscopic. The string theory and/or those of multiverses, several dimensions, several Universes – none of this quantitatively or qualitatively reduces the probability of the existence of this Prime Principle.
Several physical properties were created in order to build a Universe that allows life. If one of these were just the slightest bit different, life as we know it could not have appeared. To take just one of many examples, carbon, without which there would be no life, is produced within the nuclear infernos of stars, through an extremely subtle process. This can only be completed thanks to the phenomenon of resonance, the strengthening effect that makes the process more efficient and increases the quantity of carbon. This resonance occurs due to the extreme accuracy of the laws of nuclear physics. If these laws were to change in even the most minute way, there would be no resonance, or this would occur in the wrong place. Once again, this is an extreme and delicate adjustment.
* * *
It can be said that the Universe has a universal language consisting of mathematical instructions, which are the foundation of the laws of physics and of everything that exists in this Universe. All that we can know and observe from this world is down to mastery of this language, which is expressed in everything. Study the sky, the earth, man, the ant, the molecule, the atom or anything and you will see the transcription of this language. This is the seal of the Creator of the skies and the earth and what is between them.
Did you not see that certainly God, to Him prostrate whoever is in the skies and whoever is on the earth, and the sun and the moon, and the celestial bodies, and the mountains and the trees and the animals (animate), and many of the people? And upon many the torment has come true, and he whom God Humiliates, so for him there is no reward; certainly, God Does what He Wills 18[17]; And With Him are the keys of the occult, which no one Knows them but He; and He Knows what is on the land and in the ocean; not a leaf falls but He Knows it; and no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry but that it is in an explicit writing (book) 59[18]
Bear in mind that trees, plants, leaves, flowers and colours also adhere to the laws of nature. Let us take an oft-cited example, the Fibonacci sequence, whereby the next number of the sequence is obtained by adding the previous two numbers: 0 + 1 = 1, 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 3 + 5 = 8, 5 + 8 = 13, 8 + 13 = 21… This is a mathematical law. And indeed, this law manifests itself practically everywhere in nature. For example, oak leaves are positioned around the stem at 2/5th intervals in relation to the preceding leaves; beech leaves at 1/3rd, the leaves and twigs of an elm grow and place themselves halfway between one another in relation to the stem; a more well-known example is that the number of petals of a daisy also obeys this mathematical rule… In order to draw up a list of everything that adheres to this law, hundreds of collections of books would be required. Regardless of the topic in question, we can clearly see that this indeed relates to a plan with instructions, in the form of mathematical structures, which has been carried out perfectly and intentionally since the beginning of creation. Any thing and any being, small or large, is subject to this plan, and beyond that, to He Who is at the origin thereof.
And Your God Is One God, there is no God but He, The Origin, The Arranging 163 Certainly, in the creation of the skies and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, and the ship that sails through the ocean for the profit of people, and the water God has Sent down from the sky, then He Gave Life to earth after its death and He Scattered throughout it animals (animate) of all kinds, and the variation of the winds and the clouds subjected between the sky and the earth; these are assuredly signs for a community [of those] who reason 164[19]; Did you not see that certainly God Sent down water from the sky, so We Brought out fruits therein, of different colours; and in the mountains are rising streaks of white and red, with different colours, and intense black 27 And among men and animals (animate) and herds there are different colours? In this way, certainly, those who have knowledge among His Servants fear God; certainly God Is Considerable, Forgiving 28[20]
* * *
The DNA molecule is formed of two strands interlaced in a spiral shape: all the information, all the physical and physiological details of a living being are encoded in the genes, segments of this double helix folded away within chromosomes, within the cellular nucleus. Strands of DNA are formed by chains of nucleotides, composed of three elements: a sugar (deoxypentose), one or more phosphate groupings and a nitrogen base.
Genetic information is provided by the two-by-two combination of four nucleotide bases which, when assembled, create what we can refer to as the “database” of all the information concerning a living being (genome). Just as for Morse Code, which is composed of three different elements (dot, dash and space), which are combined to form letters, which are combined to form words, which are combined to form sentences; the four bases that form the composition of DNA are combined, resulting in the formation of twenty-two amino acids, from which approximately one hundred thousand proteins are formed… This is indeed a language that biologists are starting to decode. The specific information contained in DNA cannot be a result of coincidence. From where does the information written in a newspaper, a book, a CD-ROM or a hard drive originate?
The human body contains more than fifty trillion cells; each one of them works alone and together with the others, non-stop, night and day, twenty-four hours a day. Each cell, which is approximately 1/100th of a millimetre in size, contains three billion nucleotides in approximately two metres of compacted DNA. The cell has a nucleus which houses the genes: the genome, which contains this information giving the instructions to the cell itself, the organs and the entire body, in order to function. There is therefore a manual with specific information and instructions in the genome of the nucleus of each cell, which is the equivalent of approximately nine hundred and fifty, five-hundred-page books. This manual contains information and instructions. These are therefore produced by a conscious and intelligent will, just like a programme is produced by a programmer. Chance? Time? Evolution? Randomly throwing ink on blank pages for billions of years will never produce a letter, a word, a sentence or a paragraph, even less an information and instruction manual as specific and detailed as that of the cell.
The organisation and functioning of the body and of each cell are more complex and efficient than the organisation and functioning of any city on earth. In addition, we must imagine this city replicating itself, almost identically, in just a few hours, each day. This is the case of the cell. Today, with all our modern, sophisticated technology, we still have not managed to create a single part of a truly functional cell. Each cell has a membrane, with entry points and guards composed of specific proteins and enzymes. These guards only allow certain types of chemical elements to enter. The cells have special routes and methods of transport with navigation systems so that the elements authorised to enter travel to a specific destination. Each cell contains what is known as mitochondria, the purpose of which is to provide the cell with energy. In each cell, there are production units for proteins – ribosomes; once produced, these proteins are packaged so that they are not impaired during transport. When they arrive, specific chemical entities are in charge of unloading them. In each cell, except for red blood cells, the lysosomes, spherical structures surrounded by a membrane, are tasked with breaking down and digesting intracellular “waste”… So who is behind this creation and this organisation?
O you people! An example was Applied, so listen to it: certainly those who you invoke, aside from God, will not create even a fly, and [even] if they were to gather together for that purpose, and if the fly should take away anything from them, they would have no power to recover it; weak are the seeker and the sought 73 They did not measure God His True Measure; certainly God Is Assuredly Strong, Considerable 74[21]
Scientists[22] calculated the probability of randomly obtaining even just a short, functional protein, one hundred and forty-nine amino acids long. The chance of obtaining a functional amino acids sequence is one in 1074. This is not the end, because in order to construct a protein, the amino acids must be joined together by peptide bonds; a single bond is produced approximately one in two times, and not systematically. Therefore, one in two chances, which gives us an exponent of 149, 150 if we round up, is equal to one chance in 1045. And it is still not finished; an amino acid can have a left-handed or right-handed isometric conformation, and what do you know? To form a protein, only the left-handed isometric conformation can be used. Therefore, again we have one in two chances, which gives us an exponent of 150, which is equal to one chance in 1045. Adding our exponents together, in total, we have: 1074 × 1045 × 1045 = one chance in 10164. To get an idea of what a number of this size could represent, we must consider that since the beginning of the Universe, 1016 seconds have passed; in the entire Universe, there are 1080 nucleons; and since the beginning of the Universe, there have been 10139 “events.”
Read By The Name of Your Master, The One Who Created 1 Created the human from an adherence 2 Read, and Your Master Is The Most-Abundant 3[23]; And assuredly before, We Created the human from an extraction of clay 12 Then We Formed him drop in a fixed location 13 Then We Created the drop into an adherence, then We Created the adherence into a chewed lump, then We Created the chewed lump into bones, then We Clothed the bones with flesh, then We Produced it into another creature; so God Blessed Himself, The Most-Excellent of creators 14 Then after that, surely, you will assuredly die 15 Then certainly, on the Day of the Straightening (Resurrection), you will be Resurrected 16[24]
For as long as it was believed that the cell was the basic unit, that it was simple and not complex and efficient, it was possible to imagine an involuntary and spontaneous evolution of the mono-cellular organism into more complex, multi-cellular organisms. However, nowadays, more discoveries about the complexity and efficiency of a single cell are being made every day. Even a living, mono-cellular organism has extraordinary complex capacities. The same material can be used to manufacture a door, a window, a chair, a table, a cupboard. However, the plan, the goal, the production are different, as is the result. Man is distinguished by an intelligence that is incomparable with any other living being on Earth. Whether he has links to the monkey, the fruit fly or the earthworm, this changes nothing in terms of his particular and exclusive specificity. And this cannot, under any circumstances, be down to pure chance or simple evolution. If there is evolution, and there is because everything and every single living being evolve, the theory of evolution as it has been instilled in us must certainly be revised, corrected and updated.
* * *
Everything that has begun or is beginning to exist has a cause; we have seen that our Universe had a beginning, and God is the Prime Cause thereof. He created it and He determined all the conditions of its existence and its reality. But what is the cause of this cause? In order to recognise the cause of a fact, I am not required to find the cause of this cause. For example, in order to recognise that bread is made by the baker, I am not required to know from where the baker originates. Otherwise, this would be tantamount to saying that I do not accept that the bread is made by the baker unless I know from where the baker originates. However, the question is legitimate in a Universe where everything is caused by something. Now, let us remind ourselves that before the creation of the Universe, space, time, matter… did not exist. First of all, “where” there is nothing of the Universe that we know, The Prime Cause is is not subject to matter, time-space, or anything else. It originates from nothing but Itself, since there is nothing but Itself; It has no cause but Itself, It Exists through Itself, It Subsists through Itself, It Is Self-sufficient. This Prime Principle Is The Ultimate-Absolute-Reality, God The Omnipotent, The Omniscient, The Eternal, The without-beginning-or-end.
* * *
All God’s Prophets and Envoys accomplished miracles witnessed by their people. Moses parted the sea with his staff, his people witnessed it, he was Sent for them. Jesus healed the lepers and the blind, his people witnessed it, he was Sent for them. But we did not behold these miracles; we therefore have no formal proof thereof. The miracle of Muhammad is the Qurân, it was evident in the past, it is even more so now and it will be even more so in the future. All religions present their sacred texts as true and thereby miraculous. But no sacred book on earth declares itself to be a miracle, except the Qurân:
Say: ‘Assuredly if humans and genes (الجنّ, al-jinn)[25] were to gather together in order to bring the like of this Qurân, they would not bring the like thereof, and [even] if a part of them was, for a part, manifest’ 88 And assuredly We already made Varying for the people, in this Qurân, of every example; then most people have stubbornly denigrated 89[26]; If We had Sent down this Qurân on a mountain, you would assuredly have seen it reverential, fissured by the fear of God; and such examples, We Apply them to the people; perhaps they will reflect! 21 He Is God! He, there is no God but He, The All-Knowing of the occult and the testimony, He Is The Origin, The Arranging 22 He Is God! He, there is no God but He, The Owner, The All-Saint, The Peace, The Assurer, The Reassuring, The Considerable, The Imperious, The Magnificent; Glory to God! Above what they associate 23 He Is God! The Creator, The Exemptor, The Shaper; to Him are the Superexcellent Names; whatever is in the skies and earth is glorifying Him; and He Is The Considerable, The Judge 24[27]
Islâm is the first and last religion to be revealed; it is intended for all of humanity, in the past, the present and the future. This religion is adopted on the basis of a conscious declaration in two parts: I testify that there is no god but God, Unique, without associate, and I testify that Muhammad is His Servant and His Envoy. Islâm, the most driving force for theism, is not getting any weaker but it is rather developing and progressing throughout the world; its influence continues to extend to all nations in their ethnic, social and cultural diversities. It would be irresponsible to ignore Islâm and minimize its scope, dangerously leaving free rein to ultra-traditionalism and its ideological and practical deviations which are totally contrary to the original Message of Islâm.
When you enter a house, you distinguish between the walls built by the mason, the doors and windows made by the carpenter, or the electrical wires installed by the electrician and the pipes assembled by the plumber. The Universe shows us absolute unicity, from a quantum scale to an astronomical scale, from laws to energy, matter, particles, atoms, molecules, cells, planets, stars, galaxies… The Universe is a consistent and harmonious whole, produced by a Single Creative and Organizing Principle. It witnesses that there is no god but God, Unique, without associate. And it also witnesses that Muhammad is the Envoy of God.
Indeed, we have seen that the entire Universe, everything it contains and everything of which it is composed, small and large, are Muslim, i.e. surrendered – pacified to God by its laws. Modern science therefore started with: “There is no god,” and then confirmed and completed the first part of the declaration: “There is no god but God, Unique, without associate.” Finally, it demonstrated the second part of the declaration, i.e. that everything in the skies and on earth is Muslim, surrendered – pacified to God.
God has Witnessed, and the angels (possessors) and those ranked first in knowledge, that certainly there is no God but He, Standing firm on equity; There is no God but He, The Considerable, The Judge 18 Certainly the creance (religion) for God is Pacification (Islâm); and those who were Reported the writing (book) did not differ except after knowledge had come to them, through envy of each other; and whoever denigrates the Signs of God, then God Is Swift in account 19[28]; So is it other than the Creance (Religion) of God they desire? And whoever in the skies and on earth is pacified (surrendered) to Him, willingly and by force; and to Him they shall be returned 83 Say: ‘We have assured (believed) through God, and what has been Sent down on us, and what has been Sent down to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the lineages, and what was Reported to Moses and Jesus and the annunciators (prophets), from Their Master; we make no distinction between any of them, and for Him we are pacified (Muslims)’ 84 And whoever desires a creditor (religiosity) other than Pacification (Islâm), this shall not be accepted from him and in the last one [the hereafter], he shall be among the losers 85[29]; So whomsoever God Wants to Guide, He Expands his breast to the Pacification (Islâm); and whomsoever He Wants to Misguide, He Shapes his breast narrowly constricted, as though he were climbing up to the sky, thus God Shapes the penalty of those who do not assure (not believe) 125[30]
* * *
This paper only represents a drop of water in the vast ocean of proof of the existence of God. Let it be known that an entire lifetime would not be sufficient to consider the unmeasurable and colossal proof. Nowadays, the existence of God is no longer an enigma, a deduction, an intuition, and even less a blind belief. Faith emerges from the objective knowledge of the facts resulting from the reality of our world. It is peaceful, serene and complete, unaffected by sudden changes of mood and circumstantial events. It does not provoke passion, fanaticism, hate, rebellion and violence. It is peace preaching Peace.


The Sun rises in the West (2019) SCDOFG


[1] Chapter 41, verses 52-54.

[2] The electromagnetic spectrum of which depends exclusively on the temperature thereof.

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[25] The lexical-semantic relationship between the following words in both languages is undeniable: jahannam (جهنّم) / gehenna (abyss, hell, torment); al-jannah ([paradise], الجنّة) / genesis (birth, formation, generation); al-jân ([the jinn], الجان) / gene (race, type, species); ajinnah ([embryo], أجنّة) / genotypes (genetic makeup); al-jinnah (الجنّة) / transgenesis (insertion of genes); majnûn ([one possessed], مجنون) / transgenic (genetically modified). They all share the concept of being hidden from the ordinary.

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