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             It is in chapter 19 that the Name of God The Origin is mentioned
             most  often,  16  times  in  all,  not  counting  that  of  the  opening

             And it is in verse 16 of the Kûfa v.-count that Mary, who gives her
             name to chapter 19, is cited for the first time in this very chapter:

             "And remember in the writing Mary; when she propelled herself
             from her familiars into an eastern (splendid) situation"

             This  singularizes  the  Kûfa  v.-count  from  the  ten  other  v-counts,
             where the first citation of the name Mary is found in verse 15.

             In chapter 19, the first mention of the Name The Origin is in verse
             18 in the v.-count of Kûfa, which corresponds to verse 17 in the ten
             other verse-counts:

             "She said: ‘Certainly I preserve myself, by The Origin, from you,
             if you were precautious!’"

             17 is the number of the chapters where the Attribute The Origin is
             cited, not counting the times it is cited in the basmalât. But if the
             singular basmalah, in verse 30 of chapter 27, is taken into account,
             the Name The Origin is mentioned inside 18 chapters .
             And the last citation of the Name The Origin in chapter 19 is in
             verse 96 in the v.-count of Kûfa , which is verse 97 in the v.-count
             of Medina 2-S :

             "Certainly those who assured (believed) and worked the reforms,
             The Origin will Form for them an affection"

             1  Cf.  Appendix  5,  table  Citations  of  the  Attribute  of  God  "The  Origin"  (Al-
             Raḥmân, نمحرلا) in the Qurân (excluding the opening basmalât).
             2  As well as in six other verse-counts: the two of Medina 1, the two of Basra, that
             of Damascus and that of Ḥoms.
             3  As well as in the v.-count of Medina 2 according to Abû Ja far and the two v.-
             counts of Mecca.

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