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              In the first volume, Science for the Hour, I had already pointed out
              that, for this in-depth study of the Quranic structure, I preferred and
              took as a starting point the edition of the Qurân printed in Cairo in
              1923, that of king Fuad I of Egypt. Approved by the Muslim doctors
              of Al-Azhar University in 1918, it is the Reading of  Âṣim reported
              by Ḥafs for the linguistic variations, coupled with the verse-count  of
              Kûfa. I made this choice because it is nowadays the most widespread
              Reading;  this  is  how  God  wanted  it  and  it  is  certainly  not  a
              coincidence, as we have seen since the beginning of this work.

              Concerning the ways that chapters are cut up into verses, we have
              seen, in the introduction, that there are variants that have resulted in
              eleven different verse-counts . Hence they differ from one another
              in  the  number  of  verses  of  some  chapters,  and  thus  also  in  the
              totality of the number of verses in the Qurân . Therefore we shall
              now  study  the  numerical  consequences  of  the  differences  in  the
              cutting of chapters into verses between these v.-counts.

              I keep continuously as a starting reference the most used Reading in
              the world today, that of Ḥafs, coupled with the v-count of Kûfa. We
              shall compare it first of all and mainly with the Reading of Warsh,
              because the latter is the most published and spread after that of Ḥafs.
              We shall retain the Reading of Warsh, authenticated by Al-Azhar on
              May 18 , 1975. The verse-count of this Reading corresponds to that

                As a reminder, I also designate "verse-count" by "v.-count."
              2   Cf.  volume  1,  chapter  Introduction  to  the  Qurân  (Only  one  Qurân,  several
              Readings and verse-counts).
              3  Let us remind that this does not change the content of the Qurân, it is only a
              question of cuttings, of the same corpus, into verses.
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